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January 15, 2018

Top Tips for Adventure Bike Rental

It all begins with the quest to own the perfect ADV motorcycle You carefully study costs, weight, fuel capacity, maintenance, dealer networks, scour the forums for known issues, and read all the bike reviews… but that’s only the beginning. After your purchase comes the task of customizing your new bike to perfection with collapsible shift levers, cleated footpegs, extra lighting,…
December 19, 2017

Why You Should Own an Emergency Locator

Ted was an accomplished rider. Returning from a camping trip at dusk, a decreasing radius corner caught him off guard. Once the front wheel touched the loose gravel on the far side of the road, man and machine embarked on a trajectory for the drainage ditch paralleling the blacktop. Rocks vise-clamped Ted’s leg, pinning him under his bike—a full 700…
December 06, 2017

10 Pro Tips for Living on the Road

“What?! You’ve been traveling for 14 months? That’s incredible!” squawked the robust man behind me, as we stood waiting in line at WalMart. “No, not months, 14 years,” I replied, which immediately resulted in a noteworthy pause in the flow of his words. “That’ll be $32.49,” said the cashier, ending the awkward pause. I handed over the cash and headed…
November 22, 2017

Photo Tips - Using Zoom to Compose Bike Photos

I often hear people say, “I wish my camera took photos like that.” As with motorcycling, the person behind the equipment is the most important factor. I've seen amazing photos taken with phone cameras, and horrible ones taken with high quality photo gear. Using the camera zoom can transform the impact of the photos you take. One of the best…
November 06, 2017

13 Cold Weather Riding Tips

In the cold morning light, we’re wearing as many layers as we can find, and the bikes feel heavy with 20 gallons of fuel. Last night the temperature plummeted to 15°F and by the time we reach the Tajikistan border compound, at the base of the Alay Mountain range, our hands are painfully numb. Our heated jackets and grips seem…
November 03, 2017

RM Stator MOSFET Regulator Upgrade

Many of us who ride adventure bikes have experienced charging system problems, and know just how frustrating it can be—especially on long trips. Nobody wants to spend a good riding day troubleshooting an electrical problem, trying to track down replacement parts far from home, and waiting for them to arrive.  Unfortunately, motorcycle charging systems have a tough job in a…
November 02, 2017

Eight Tips for Better ADV Photography

There are few riders who don’t want to return home from their ride with at least a couple of magazine-worthy hero shots. And, although most of us have a camera phone and an automatic, or even a DSLR, we’re left unsure as to how to get the most out of them. Let me tell you, leaving your camera in “Auto”…
November 01, 2017

How to Make a Sheepskin Seat Cover

What’s the best way to get more out of your ride? In motorcycle overlanding tradition, there’s the “must have at least two uses” rule. Sheepskin saddle covers have lots of advantages, including being cheap to make. What makes them so good? Sheepskins are cooler than vinyl or leather saddles when it's hot. Usually they’re pale in color and reflect heat.…
October 31, 2017

Honda XR650L Big Bore Kit Installation

Your air-cooled Honda XR650L or XR600R engine is smoking on cold start, burning oil while riding, and doesn’t have quite the pep it used to. These engines can take a beating, but every so often they need to be freshened up. To get more power and reduce oil consumption, we’ve installed a big bore JE Piston kit after sending the…