ADVMoto Submission Guidelines


Adventure Motorcycle (ADVMoto) is a bi-monthly magazine showcasing courageous people on inspiring rides around the world, both on road and off. Feature articles and Ride Reports tell the personal stories of riders overcoming challenges and adversity on their rides. Every issue also includes rider, reader and industry profiles, news and reviews, bike reviews, event reports and book/DVD reviews.

 - Section -  - Word Count -   - Images -   - Notes -
Features and Ride Reports 1400-1800 8-10 Sidebars, maps, and links of interest welcome
News 100-150 2-3 Short informative snippets
Reviews 200-400 3-4 Must have at least three “Pros and Cons"
Spotlights 500-600 5-6 Events, Rides, Riders and Industry

Submission Procedure

Please take a look at a copy of ADVMoto and have an idea where your article could fit in. We recommend that you send queries and proposals rather than completed submissions via our Contact Page. Describe your subject matter, angle and photography/illustration material as well as a writing sample or any pertinent website links. It helps to include images, but for the initial query, these can be low resolution digital files. Proposals are submitted on a speculative basis. A writer’s contract must be signed by the writer and a representative of ADVMoto before the assignment is official. If you are querying about a time-sensitive news story, please put the word “Time-Sensitive” in the subject line. 

Finally, please upload all content (with text, images, bio, etc.) HERE.  This will put your content directly into our workflow for evaluation by editors.


Deadlines are generally 90 days prior to publication date. Example: For content to be included in the May/June issue, all content should be submitted no later than the preceding February 1. 

Photography and Text

Writers supply photography for their articles. Digital images must conform to the following minimum specications: 300 dpi and at least 6MP (3,000 x 2,000) in size, TIFF or JPEG format. 72 DPI web resolution images are NOT okay. Please don’t attach full resolution images to emails. A Word document with thumbnails of the images, filenames, captions and photo credits is appropriate. Text should be in Arial, 10 point type, 1.5 line spaced, no paragraph indents with space between paragraphs.


Payment is made upon publication in most cases but ADVMoto may pay upon submission and approval in certain cases where riders are on the road. Monetary compensation varies from $150 and up for Features and Ride Reports. ADVMoto purchases first to print rights which are exclusive to North America for a duration of 6 months from publishing, and non-exclusive thereafter outside North America. We also reserve the right to publish print content on web. Exceptions can be worked out on a case by case basis, so please ask. 

After publication, we will send PDFs and/or site links to writers which you are free to post or share.  It's worth noting this does NOT mean a writer can only publish on story on a particular ride with us.  Writers should feel free to create and think about their experiences from many different aspects to create thoughtful and unique content. As long as the text and images are not identical (or near identical) then please write on!

ADVMoto Specific Tips

Every article submitted to ADVMoto should include the following:

  • Author’s full name, and name of any photo credits
  • A catchy title and subtitle (i.e. "Riding the Tran-America-Trail: Crossing the US can’t be more Fun")
  • Image captions will be needed for all features, profiles and ride-reports
  • All Product Reviews should have both Pros and Cons bullet points (at least three of each)
  • It never hurts to include a personal profile image and short bio with your write-up. This is not mandatory, but ADVMoto may request it not only to add more context to the article, but also help writer's promote their other relevant projects, blogs, etc.
  • Please be sure your content fits into an existing ADVMoto content category and takes exiting formats into consideration before submission.  Also, please do not send us an article query which has been simultaneously submitted to other publications.

Thanks for taking the time to read our submission guidelines.  If you take your content to an artistic level and are passionate about living a life through adventure riding, rest assured ADVMoto will do your content credit.  With nearly 90 percent of ADVMoto readers archiving every issue, your content will become part of motorcycle history. If you should have any further questions please contact us!